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Earth Day at 40

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Most people approach their 40th birthday with mixed emotions; happy of many fine moments and accomplishments but embarrassed about mistakes or that more hasn’t been done. The same can be said of Earth Day on its anniversary. General respect for the environment is up but there has been a lot of stumbling along the way and there is a long way to go.

One example, plastic bottles: nearly eight out of every 10 bottles will end up in as trash. Available later this year, Neverest’s Hydrolife water bottle sterilizes water without using chemicals, filters or batteries. It lessens the impact on the environment and provides an economical means for people to have clean water worldwide without resorting to disposable plastic bottles.

Refill, don’t use the landfill.

Afar: Experiential Travel

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Sitting on a beach in Goa, Greg Sullivan and Joe Diaz hatched a great idea (ok, Goa is good for that but this idea actually survived past the moon party).  They wanted to create a magazine that shared their love of experiential travel – the type of travel that forges a connection between the traveler, a place, and its people.  Just like Neverest, they also wanted to do this while remaining grounded with a core set of values:   


  • Explore from the inside looking out
  • Provide a sense of cultural immersion
  • Offer the unexpected
  • Touch on a range of emotions
  • Be genuine, real, authentic
  • Promote connection
  • Feed the curious
  • Respect the earth and its people
  • Celebrate global diversity


For these reasons, Afar is the type of magazine Neverest loves.  Check out our ad in the Afar Exchange. 

Neverest Travel Tips

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Travel tips, especially for extreme routes and remote locales, are fairly easy to come by but not always particularly useful or profound. We’ll be collecting some of the better ones we’ve picked up along the way and will share them with you on our Neverest blog. For starters, here’s one of the most valuable travel trips I’ve heard recently: there are Mc Donald’s in 118 countries, focus on those 80 or so countries that don’t have one. In other words, don’t stay on the beaten path – the real gems and chance for unique experiences are well off that trail. 

April’s Fools for the Traveler

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It’s April Fools and time for a joke, gag and moment of levity no matter where you are. I remember a formdscn1026er colleague who would sing songs from his native Somalia. Invariably someone would ask what the song was about and he was pause saying “It’s a love song….about a camel.” And I remember my friend from the Balkans who shared his plan to always carry a bomb with him on a plane “because what are the odds that two assholes would do that on the same flight!?!” Or look at the fun we had this day at the Band-i-Amir lakes in Afghanistan. Priceless! For sure, making friends along the way is one of the best things about being outside and traveling. A great way to stay in touch is by using Neverest’s On-the-Go products – check them out today.