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25 signs you’ve been traveling too much or too long

Posted on: November 19th, 2009 | No Comments

1.   You can drive on the right or left with equal ease.

2.   You have trouble answering the question “Where are you from?”

3.   You have clothes and other personal belongings in at least three countries. 

4.   Your driver’s license, diving certificate or other important documents are not in English.

5.   You know the word for “toilet” in at least five different languages.

6.   You speak at least two languages, but can’t spell using either.

7.   You consider airplane flights less than 6 hours to be short.

8.   You watch nature documentaries and think about how good that animal would taste.

9.   You speak with authority on the subject of packing, airline travel and tropical diseases.

10.  You read the international section before the comics.

11.  You have a handful of mobile phone SIM cards.

12.  You’re regularly on the phone at odd hours to reach family, friends and colleagues in other parts of the world.

13.  You think it’s normal to fit 15 or more people into a car or mini-van.

14.  You think 100 degrees Fahrenheit is a “cool” day.

15.  There are certain things for which you actually don’t know the English word.

16.  You’ve haggled with the checkout clerk for a lower price.

17.  When home, you miss the sound of prayer call and/or citywide afternoon naps.  

18.  You’ve eaten things like rambutans, brain, eel and French fries (chips) with mayonnaise.

19.  You think you’ve died and gone to heaven when you go into a foreign grocery store.

20.  You have a nickname in at least two different languages and it’s not the same one.

21.  You miss the sub-titles when you see the latest movie.

22.  Your dog or cat’s first language isn’t English.

23.  You feel you need to take a trip after you’ve lived in the same place for three months.

24.  You’ve come home, found yourself confused in supermarket (or other ordinary place), then realized that reverse culture-shock is a real challenge.

25.  Months after leaving a country, you’ve found coins and other currency hiding in odd pockets.

Can you tell who has been traveling too long?
Can you tell who has been traveling too long?