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Organized on the road

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For most of us, being on the road isn’t nearly as carefree as Jack Kerouac described it. Unfortunately, “life” continues to roll along while we’re out ticking off the miles. Managing informationimportant messages, phones calls, computer data, photos, etc.must continue regardless of what adventure we’re pursuing. Fortunately, Neverest has put together a line of products that makes it easy to manage information anywhere. Highly functional and wallet-sized, our On-the-Go Products enable us to be organized regardless of where we are or what we’re doing. One is a USB memory card, another is a note pad and pen, and two others let you store computer data and phone (SIM) cards. All fit in your back pocket. Check out these travel organizer accessories today.

Neverest's On-the-go solutions

Neverest’s On-the-Go solutions.

How Giva-Knit started

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“What they lack is a market,” my former colleague and long-time friend Shakeeb told me, “then the artisans can deal with their poverty.” Driving through Kabul’s bumper-to-bumper traffic, we talked through the issue. Kabul once had an export textile industry before the wars of the 1980s and 1990s destroyed the city. Small cottage looms are maintained by families that struggle through poverty. I later met one of these families, headed by Ahmed. Using spools of green thread pictured here, he weaves sweater parts that then are sewn together by his wife. There are about 50 such artisan families that belong to the Hazara ethnic group that was heavily persecuted during the Taliban regime. But the market is too weak to adequately support their work. 

Still sitting in traffic, two boys approached us. Filthy and dressed practically in rags, their tiny right hands were outstretched as they asked for help. “I wish there was more we can do,” Shakeeb said plainly. I knew from my time managing a humanitarian relief organization in Kabul what a dire situation children face. Although the situation has improved a lot since 2001, children still suffer on an unimaginable scale. They face one of the worst illness and fatality rates in the world. And, unlike many other impoverished countries, Afghanistan suffers from especially harsh winters similar to Boston and Chicago. Seeing these boys’ poor faces, I wondered how do these children survive through the winter?       

So Giva-Knit started with a simple idea: provide market space for the artisans and help children survive the brutally cold temperatures. Please support this innovative effort today. 

Ahmed weaving sweaters in Kabul

Ahmed weaving sweaters in Kabul.