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Travel: Fast vs. slow?

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There’s a debate among travelers about method, approach and style. Is it better to travel “fast” or “slow”? Fast travel is common. Most often, it involves jumping on a plane, seeing the sights on the other end and returning within given time constraints. Occasionally, it is helpful where there is “a lot” to see and an overview suffices. The yearly two-week vacation many of us take has made this the norm. Slow travel, in contrast, has a different focus. By taking time, it is possible to experience new places and people. It is possible to take part, feel and share, gain understanding and have fun. What are some challenges of these kinds of traveling? How can adventure be found in unexpected places? Is it possible to make a positive impact while traveling? Upcoming posts will look at this issue further, so stay tuned.


Travel and outdoor adventure: The Neverest way

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Reflecting on our collective outdoor and international travel experience, we wanted to help others in extreme environments. Our goal is to provide unique travel and outdoor products that are functional, versatile, dependable and appropriate for people on the go. In doing so, Neverest contributes to a lifestyle that emphasizes adventure, worldliness and social responsibility. In short, Neverest provides unique products to anyone who leads an extraordinary life and needs reassurance that they have a backup and a way to get through difficult and tricky situations. Remember, the unexplored life isn’t worth living, so go outfarand explore. That’s the Neverest ethos and lifestyle. Just be sure to take the right kit with you. Reach for understanding by living in a world with no borders, no boundaries to hem you in. 

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Near Tamale, Ghana
Near Tamale, Ghana.


Welcome to Neverest

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We love getting out there, exploring and being on the go, so we founded Neveresta company dedicated to making unique, practical and dependable products that meet your adventure travel and business travel challenges.

Please keep an eye on this space as we bring out new products. We promise also to keep this blog interesting and worth checking, with good stories, useful tips and helpful info.