Neverest Travel Kits and Survival Gear

Essential Journeys Kit

Essential Journeys Travel Kit

Equip yourself and your staff with core elements of an evacuation kit ("Go-Bag" or "Bug-Out-Bag") full of essentials.

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Hydro-Life Water Bottle

Hydro-life Sterilizing Water Bottle

Neverest has developed an innovative water bottle that eliminates the danger from bacteria and viruses.

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Giva-Knit Sweater

Giva-Knit Sweaters

Rather than simply donating to a charity, Neverest uses a buy-one/give-one strategy. When a Neverest sweater is purchased, a sweater is donated to an Afghan child in need.

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Neverest USB Card

No longer requiring a key chain or neck lanyard, Neverest's USB—with 1GB of memory—is the only computer memory device slim enough to fit in your wallet.


Neverest Note Pad

Need to write a quick note on the go? The Neverest Note Pad comes complete with sticky notes and a pen that fits easily inside your wallet or bag.


Neverest Memory Card Holder

Stow your flash memory, SIM and microSD cards safely and securely with the Neverest Memory Card Holder. Use the pre-cut foam pad to transport up to three of your most valuable technology cards.


Neverest SIM Card Holder

Your SIM cards will be secure with the Neverest SIM Card Holder. This credit card-sized holder neatly stores up to five mobile phone SIM cards.


The Essential Journeys Kit

Don’t be caught unprepared. Our bug-out bag has everything you need, but always forget.

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