About Neverest Travel Products

About Neverest™

Who Buys Neverest™?

We can’t define Neverest™ customer, because they define themselves. Like our staff, people who buy from Neverest can be found in all walks of life and at the ends of the earth just as easily as in a big city. What makes them different is how they live their lives. They are not passive bystanders, they are people who are exploring, making a difference and out living large. A thousand miles from couch potatoes, they live really LIVE and, in Thoreau’s words “suck the marrow out of life.” They are being the change they want to see in life and they live/work in austere and unusual environments to do so. They are often:

In short, Neverest provides unique products to anyone who leads an extraordinary life and needs reassurance that he or she has a backup and a way to get through difficult and tricky situations. Remember, the unexplored life isn’t worth living, so go out— far— and explore. That’s the Neverest ethos and lifestyle. Just be sure to take the right kit with you.

About Our Products

We know our customers are discerning shoppers looking for unique products. As we grow our business, we also will sell commonly available items at significantly reduced prices. Products people can rely on in difficult conditions are critical. Every component has been researched and tested to ensure durability. Take Neverest travel kits, for example, these are designed to be:

Neverest Travel Solutions was founded by people with serious outdoor and international travel experience to help others in extreme environments. Our goal is to provide unique travel and outdoor products that are functional, versatile, dependable and appropriate for people on the go.

Mission Statement

Neverest™ has nonpartisan, progressive values and was founded with three closely related missions:

About Us

Photo of Eric JamesEric James, director.

Eric has made a career of starting projects that deal with the world’s most intractable problems. A humanitarian relief worker for more than a decade, he’s opened newly built schools in the shadow of Tora Bora, arranged airlifts for sick mothers in East Timor and, in Liberia, helped turn child soldiers back into children. An Eagle Scout, former paratrooper and sailing instructor, Eric has travelled to over 70 countries. One his fondest recent memories was wading a river in Costa Rica that contained both crocodiles and sharks. In his spare time, he earned a Ph.D. in International Development, authored his first book and teaches graduate students management and disaster response. He likes to stay close to his customers so if you see him out, he’d love to have a drink with you.

Photo of Chris PressChris Press, marketing.

“CP” as he’s known, had his first real outdoor experience as a teen in the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California with Outward Bound. This rude awakening for CP was highlighted by a summiting of Mt. Electra and a five-day survival solo. Rumor has it that in a thirst and hunger-induced delirium, he switched to speaking Spanish and uttered the phrase “Nunca dormir” over and over again in order to survive. Following his undergraduate studies in Seville, Spain, CP’s love of travel regularly puts him in Europe and Latin America. After earning his MBA, he has worked in commercial and international marketing. He once stared down a bull in Pamplona, rode a speeding train like a surfboard in rural Mexico and recalls his first skydiving experience as a spiritual awakening. He has a passion for ancient civilizations, new experiences and baseball.

Photo of Edward KozarynEdward Kozaryn, product development/finance.

An accountant by training, Ed paid his way through college working at an outdoor retail store, where he combined his love for adventure with balancing books. Having grown up in New England, he has a certain fortitude that lets him find enjoyment regardless of the conditions outside. A marathoner, mountain climber and lover of local eateries, Ed has been known to run long distances at odd times of the night and walk for days in the rain. According to him, there is no better way to recover from a long run or vacation than a day at the office.

Photo of Shakeeb Del-AgaShakeeb Del-Aga, Kabul representative.

Having lived through the most tumultuous times in his country’s history, Shakeeb knows hardship and how to survive. He’s lived under siege and once escaped his home on foot. But what makes him extraordinary is that he is a dedicated humanitarian with a businessman’s acumen. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Delhi. When not working or traveling, he enjoys picnicking and spending time with his family.

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